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Ribs Pack (square)


Bought a round parasol and wish to change its shape? That's one of the great advantages of our Fit System. Purchase our Ribs Pack to transform your round parasol into a square one. 

- if you already have a Mills 3 metres (9.8 feet) round parasol: get the 2x2 metres Ribs Pack.

- if you already have a Mills 4 metres (9.8x9.8 feet) round parasol: get the 4 metres Ribs Pack.

Don't forget to chose another canopy to go with the new shape since canopy sizes vary with the parasol shape!


Fit System versatile and interchangeable

So, here’s the best part of our parasols: our Fit System. You can change its shape with a simple swap of four of its ribs, which we promise is really easy with the help of our fork key specifically developed for this innovative system (see “instructions” below). Also, a new shape calls for a new design, so bring a new light to your Mills parasol without having to change its frame by purchasing a different canopy. Remember each canopy applies to either a square or round shape!

Click here for technical specifications.

mills parasol frame quality

Sizes & Shapes always new

The 3 metres round parasol can be changed into the 2 metres squared (and vice-versa) and the 4 metres round into the 3 metres squared. These two combinations of shapes and sizes are possible with a simple swap of a pack of ribs, which you can purchase in our Accessories page.
Click here for a sketch of the available sizes.

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