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Why Mills Parasols? 

There’re lots of advantages in choosing one of our parasols. We work hard to offer the best quality with the coolest design. Not only our patterns are unique and original, but also there’s the possibility to personalise your canopy.

Resistance, quality and versatility it’s our promise and it’s what we wish to offer you with our colourful shadows. 

Check our sections bellow for more information.  

Our Parasol colourful shadows

Have we mentioned before we added 4 different treatments to the canopy's fabric to improve its quality and resistance and better protect you from the sun and rain? And that you can easily change your parasols’ shape and design  without having to buy a new one? Furthermore, with our package design it’s also easy to stow it away.

We're thrilled to tell you all about it! Check our sections bellow for more information on each part of the parasol.

Canopy design matters 

Our canopies have several treatments to improve its resistance and maintain its original vibrant colours, including a water repellent protection and UV protection to maintain its lively colours.

For safety reasons, we recommend to keep the parasol closed on windy days. Also, Canopies are designed to fit either a square or round frame shape so if you're buying a pack of ribs (ribspack) to change your parasols' shape, remember to look for a new canopy!


Click here for technical specifications.



Frame light and resistant

Our frames are mainly made of aluminium and therefore are rather light and easy to carry. Each one consists on the main rod divided in two for a safer shipping and easier stowage, the Fit System, and a parasol hat that can be removed and replaced by another of any colour.


Click here for technical specifications.





Base the right support 

All our bases are highly resistant and made of steel with a powdercoating finishing. They were specifically designed to fit a Mills parasol and give it maximum stability. For more information on its size, weight and thickness click here.

Bag protection with style

This bag is made of a water repellent fabric and was created to keep away dust, debris, dirt and protect your Mills parasol when it's closed.

Remember not to put the bag when the parasol is wet or humid, to prevent mold growth and smells.

Click here for technical specifications.





Packaging we make it portable 

Our package includes a neat cardboard tube, that comes with two plastic lids and was designed to keep your sun umbrella safe and secured during its shipping and also for a convenient and organized stowage at home.


Click here for technical specifications.



Our Fit System flexible and interchangeable 

So, here’s the best part of our parasols: our Fit System. You can change its shape with a simple swap of four of its ribs, which we promise is really easy with the help of our fork key specifically developed for this innovative system (see “instructions” below). Also, a new shape calls for a new design, so bring a new light to your Mills parasol without having to change its frame by purchasing a different canopy. Remember each canopy applies to either a square or round shape!


Click here for technical specifications.

Fit System


Sizes & Shapes always new

We’ll be starting off with our FS1 System, that is, the 3 meter round parasol that can be changed into the 2 meter squared, and vice-versa. These two combinations of shapes and sizes of the FS1 System are possible with a simple swap of a pack of ribs, which you can purchase in our Accessories page.

However, do stay tuned, very soon we’ll be launching new parasol sizes with a wider (colorful) shadow.


Click here for a sketch of the available sizes.

Care for your Mills it will care for you 

  •  Close your parasol whenever it isn’t being used, particularly in adverse weather conditions.
  •  We recommend you fit the parasol to a Mills base to better guarantee its security – they’re specifically built for a Mills Parasol and it’s the perfect match!
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the frame or, if absolutely necessary, a bit of alcohol (except for the canopy).
  • For the canopy, use a damp soapy cloth and rub directly on the stain. Don’t use alcohol, detergents or bleach on the canopy – it may damage the colors or/and the fabric.
  • Refer to our instructions manual to better assemble/use your colorful shadow.
  • Our warranty applies to the products in their original state and it becomes invalid after any alteration or damage.

Check our Instructions Manual for details on how to assemble our parasols, canopies, bases and Fit System.

Our warranty is aligned with European Law requirements, that is, 2 years from the day you receive our product. This is applicable only to manufacturing defects, however it is Mills Parasols’ responsibility to exchange, refund or repair the faulted product.

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