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Basic Dark Grey Canopy


Sometimes there just isn't room for more colour and patterns in our homes. Amongst all our colourfulness, we created Mills Basics to a add a touch of clear headed attitude to your home decor. With our usual high quality standards, these canopies will create an elegant sober shadow over your most peaceful moments.

(canopy only)


- 2x2 metres = 6.5x6.5 feet

- 3x3 metres = 9.8x9.8 feet

- 3 metres = 9.8 feet

- 4 metres = 13.1 feet

Canopy specs

Mills products quality canopies specsMills products quality canopies specs

Canopy design matters

Our canopies have several treatments to improve its resistance and maintain its original vibrant colours, including a water repellent protection and UV protection to maintain its lively colours.
For safety reasons, we recommend to keep the parasol closed on windy days. Also, Canopies are designed to fit either a square or round frame shape so if you're buying a pack of ribs (ribspack) to change your parasols' shape, remember to look for a new canopy!
Mills quality canopy

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